Hello and Welcome to Birds Of Malwa :). My name is Amrit and i love birds,nature,travel and photography, all precursors to activism for the conservation of wildlife of India and the world.Visit my facebook page — facebook.com/saveindianwild


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  1. Thanks for the follow Amrit. I’ve been enjoying your wildlife work for some time now. Sadly I don’t have the lenses for that kind of stuff but who knows what Santa may bring? ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Hi rudy..
    Nice collection. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Would u b so kind to tell me about a bird?
    This bird comes every year and makes nest in my moneyplant.
    I can send you some awesome photos of this bird, her eggs, and her children.
    I would like to know about this bird. Can u help please ?

  3. my name is kishore pawar like photo and love to nature .I am also engaged in wiled photography in and around Indore ,ujjain and barwani district .I am a professor and science writer .you can see my pic on project noah.

  4. Amrit, Your collection of photographs caught my interest as I am currently in the process of making an Indian insect field guide for Bishop Heber College in Trichy. I was wondering, how are you identifying the insects? I have found that this information is drastically lacking, which has made my work difficult. Granted, that’s part of the reason I’m working on this project.

    • Insects names are the most hard to find as many of them are not named yet,i am sure i have discovered a few species.Most common and widespread one’s can be found with a little effort and sometimes a lot effort.Sometimes i have to search for days to pinpoint a species.Try learning about the families and orders of insects,for eg all true flies are order diptera and than you have to learn the physical appearance of a group,there is always something common between a family.When i can’t find the name of a species ,i usually go for the family name.

  5. I stumbled upon birdsofmalwa quite accidentally, and it was serendipity. And to find that you, too, are from Indore. Great work!

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