Crested honey-buzzard

buzzard1 (Custom)Crested honey-buzzard

Despite superficially resembling a buzzard,the Oriental honey-buzzard,like the European honey-buzzard,is actually a large but slender species of kite The colour and pattern of its plumage varies extraordinarily across its range with six subspecies differing markedly in appearance.All the subspecies are generally greyish-brown above and have a grey head, but the colour of the under body ranges from cream to blackish-brown and tends to be either blotched, mottled or streaked.Furthermore, the length of the hindcrown feathers varies considerably with some subspecies having a distinct crest. Extraordinarily, the distinct plumage of each subspecies closely resembles that of a species of hawk-eagle that overlaps its range. It is argued that this mimicry evolved to prevent the relatively weak honey-buzzard from being attacked by more powerful raptors.[]


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