Indian Bush Lark

Indian Bush Lark

The Indian Bush Lark, Indian Bushlark or Red-winged Bushlark (Mirafra erythroptera) is a species of bushlark found in South Asia mainly in India.Pale and found mostly in arid areas. Has cheek patch completely bounded by white supercilium and post-auricular border. Crown and upperparts heavily streaked. Pale underparts have large spots on the breast. Differentiable from Jerdon’s Bush Lark by longer tail, shorter bill and legs. Most wing coverts, tertials and central tail feathers have pale centres. Primary coverts look all brown. Sings from bush tops but does not usually perch on trees or wires. Calls similar to that of Jerdon’s but is lower and has longer rattling tremolos. Often falling in pitch.[wiki]


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