Little Egret

Little Egret

This striking and elegant member of the heron family can be identified by its pure white feathers; elongated, sinuous neck; long, black legs and dark, stabbing bill. Two subspecies of the little egret are recognised, Egretta garzetta garzetta and Egretta garzetta nigripes. E. g. garzetta sports vivid yellow feet and a grey-green patch of skin between the bill and eyes, while E. g. nigripes has black feet and has a yellow patch of skin between the eyes and bill. During the breeding season, breeding adults develop two long, slender nape plumes and a beautiful gauzy plumage around the breast and back , and in individuals of the E. g. garzetta subspecies, the bare skin between the eyes becomes a bright red or blue colour. Juvenile little egrets are similar in appearance to the non-breeding adults, but have less striking colouration on the feet and around the eyes.[]


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